The battle for Zegon.

The Battle for Zegon.

The Battle for Zegon was a series of independent events that happened during the Reptilian Dominance. These events concluded with the Deification of the Pantheon of Zegon.

With each Ancestor devoured and digested, the dead magic within Kathar became stronger and her power grew. The growth of Kathar's power caught the attention of Magi, who had been monitoring the dead magic since the beginning. He sought out the Ancestors and found them imprisoned deep within the heart of Kathar's territory, awaiting their inevitable demise. There was an urgent need to stop the growth of dead magic, yet the Keepers are unable to interfere with the affairs on Zegon directly. The Keepers started to seek out worthy individuals to serve their cause. They observed the oppressed descendants of the Ancestors, and manifested themselves before the selected. Willing individuals were sent on trials to prove their worth. Those who proved themselves worthy to be the champions of the gods received artifacts crafted by the Keepers. These artifacts granted the wielders direct connection to the gods and their magic.

The army of the gods, spread out across Zegon, gradually took shape under the nose of the reptilian tyrants. The champions began their arduous journey into Kathar's lair. They performed wondrous and magical feats, driving Kathar's army into retreat and freeing the lands from the dragons' rule. Eventually they rescued the Ancestors. Kathar was mortally wounded but managed to escape by sacrificing her dragons to ward off the champions. Her magic was weakened to the point that even the Keepers were unable to track her whereabouts.

Kathar's reptilian cousins were released from Kathar's spell, and they were sent into exile to an island that is isolated and uninhabited.