Stalker - Vrah

"I am not supposed to write journals like these. As a Stalker, I am supposed to ensure the secrecy of my identity. If someone ever got hold of this journal, my guild may be compromised. For a guild dealing in secrets, having any one of its operatives exposed may sound its death knell. However, if I do not articulate my thoughts, I fear I will go mad soon. I do not enjoy what I do. In fact, I detest it. But I am bred from young to be an operative and I have to survive. The Guild does not simply let its operatives loose." 

"I do not know who my parents are. For as long as my memory recalls, I was raised with other children in a school that teaches us to read and write and also trains us physically. When we are older, we learn the arts of espionage, assassination, sabotage and any other shady acts you can imagine. As a child, I was always fascinated with who and where my parents are. After I became an operative, I spent some time searching for information about their whereabouts. I compiled conflicting information from various accounts. My parents might have been killed by barbarians during the Insurgency. Or they might be living comfortably in the coastal city Fildar off the gold they received from the sale of their child to the Guild. I suppose I will never really know. I do not even know my real name."

"I just made my six hundred and sixty six kill. The Kill was leading an opulent life off misbegotten gains obtained from cheating people into believing he is some kind of living god. His actions should not have warranted death. However, one of the people he managed to cheat was the Lord of Fildar and he became untouchable to the authorities. There were attempts by vigilantes like the outlaw Wolves to steal his wealth and redistribute it to the ones he cheated but the paranoid cheat hired many operatives from other guilds to protect him and his wealth. I suppose for the sake of the people, he had to be dealt with. But he should have been brought to justice."

"I was tasked with registering for the arena in the Reyda Festival. The assignment mentions that should I manage to get through the rounds in the arena, I would eventually be matched with the Target. I am not sure how the Guild has the clout to ensure this pairing but after being an operative this long, I have my suspicions. I am to kill the Target and make it look like a natural proceeding based on our fight."

"My last fight was against Hulzek II. He is the celebrated son of Hulzek and the grandson of Harlek, both heroes of the kingdom. He is most certainly groomed to be the next hero, if ever we needed another. It must feel great, to know that you came from a noble lineage. The Reyda Festival should be his ticket to a promotion but his body language was weird. His opening stance suggested he wanted to go for the quick kill but it exposed too many weak spots. Either he had poor training in his time in the Hall of the Anointed or he could be underestimating me. Well, I suppose my cover identity is making him draw the wrong conclusions. The fight was indeed over in an instant. I hope the priests managed to heal him."

To: Lord Kriol, High Commander of the Protectorate

These are contents from salvaged pages from the book titled Vrah, found during rebuilding efforts after the attack by the dragon Kathar. Vrah is believed to be an operative from the Guild, secretly the King's secret service. It is recommended that we burn the pages as well as this record after you have taken the time to peruse them.


Magician - Sihiri

Galdur looks upon his apprentice with great pride. He found Sihiri as a young girl many years ago while on his travels to search for a new apprentice after Idin proved himself capable of being elevated to an Arch-Pyro, the highest mastery possible, and walking his own path alone. He was preparing to rest for the night when he felt intense heat. Investigating, he found the building opposite the inn on fire with a young girl on her knees crying on the road in front of it. With more than a little effort, he intoned the necessary words to cast a spell and summon enough water to douse the fire. He is after all an Arch-Pyro, a master in the arts of fire casting. He is adept enough to learn a few simple spells from the other three Elements but his lack of affinity for them makes for tremendous effort out of such casting. As he was walking towards the young girl, he was buffeted by strong winds and hurled through the closed door of the inn. Before he could pick himself up, the inn was rocked by violent tremors that subsided as soon as they started. Taking a moment to compose himself, he stood up unceremoniously and made his way towards the girl. He walked through the pool of water that has appeared around the girl and planted a strong grip on her shoulder, reassuring her. It was clear that the girl possesses affinity with magic and possibly all four elements at that. A mage that has affinity with two elements was almost unheard of, let alone four. With the blessings of her parents, he stayed in the town to train her to master her latent abilities while she grew up with her family.

Now a young woman, she has developed into a very talented mage. He submitted a petition to the Magi Order's leader, Grand Arch-Mage Andrya, to seek dispensation to affirm Sihiri's unheard of refined mastery of all the elements by assigning her the ranks of Pyromancer, Terramancer, Aquamancer and Terramancer. The arena in the Reyda Festival is where she can prove herself to the Grand Arch-Mage.

She raises a hand and the ground of the arena shakes violently, unbalancing her opponent. She is one of the rare magicians who can cast a spell without first intoning the words. She follows the tremors with a hurricane that picks up her opponent and sends him flying to the sky. As he falls from the sky, she sends a water bolt straight towards his chest with a force enough to knock the wind out of his lungs. As he is struggling to pick himself up, she prepares the coup de grace. She points her index finger at her opponent and fire starts to form around it. Then the fire dies.

Galdur winces. Despite her immense potential and talent, she suffers from the occasional mistakes. Galdur attributes such problems to that time when he first met her, when her uncontrolled magics caused destruction in her town. Even though the destruction was fortunately kept to a minimum and she subsequently aided in the rebuilding efforts, she has never really outgrew the trauma and fear of loss of control the moment caused her. As a result, she is afraid to let loose and such inhibitions are hampering her progress.

Her opponent lies sprawled on the ground. Her finishing move is not necessary after all. She is still on track for her promotion. However, if she is to realise her potential and be the most powerful magician in the history of the Order, there is more work to be done.

Knight - Hulzek II

"And the victory goes to...... Hulzek the Second!!!!'

The crowd goes wild, as the crowd should. After all, they are celebrating the victory of the future hero of Zegon. He may be a lowly Knight now but very soon, the Grand Army has no choice but to appoint him the new High Commander. As the grandson of Harlek, the first High Commander of Grand Army of Zegon, and son of Hulzek, the first High Commander of the Protectorate, his birthright demands adulation from the plebians and obedience from his inferiors in the army. He raises his hands up high and soaks in the applause and cheers. He will experience such victorious moments a few more times on his way to becoming the victor of the arena in the Reyda Festival. After all, he is the future hero of the kingdom. He is destined to win. 

His next battle would be the last battle of the next day. All the better for the plebians to sing his name in exultation as they revel in festivities at night after bearing witness to his glorious and inevitable victory. His opponent is one Tik, of the Pathless. A great fighter worth his mettle should have decided on a Path and joined one of the various recognized factions in the kingdom where he could get the proper training. These Pathless are frowned upon and barely tolerated in a kingdom that holds the factions in high regard. There are even rumors that suspected dangerous individuals may even be killed and their bodies dumped unceremoniously by the King's assassins. In any case, this Tik should be an easy opponent, one of the bothersome but necessary stepping stone to winning the arena and gaining reputation and acclaim. Maybe this Tik is instead actually one of the King's assassins himself. A member of the elusive Guild of Assassins, the King's secret service, may masquerade himself as a Pathless while partaking in the arena in order to maintain his secrecy in the process of proving himself to his Guild. An assassin should be no match for the great Hulzek II. He is destined for greatness. He stifles a smile as he sleeps for the night. 

"And for the next round!!! Hulzek the Second, Knight and Tik, Pathless!!!"

He looks at the pathetic figure before him, barely clothed and unkempt, holding two small daggers uneasily. This should be over with no time at all. He raises his sword and points the tip straight at the chest of this pathetic creature. Tik lets out a sharp cry and charges forward.. He holds his stance and welcomes Tik's advance. Almost before Tik reached the tip of his sword, Tik ducks under and sweeps his twin daggers across his knees that are barely uncovered by his armor. He falls knees first onto the sandy ground. He tries to sweep his sword to attempt to catch in an over-extending arc but Tik was already clear. He implants his sword on the ground to keep his balance. This fight is over in an instant and has not ended in his victory. He wills himself to stand up and continue the fight but he fails.

"And the victory goes to... Tik, Pathless!"              

He will bide his time. Ever since his grandfather's death, High Commander Tolt is only temporarily occupying a position meant for him. He will once again bring glory to his family and honor his recently deceased father, who died a glorious death defending the kingdom against the savage barbarians. It is just a matter of time.

It is, after all, his destiny.   

Update: Kathar's Defeat

Kathar, the Dragon Lord who terrorized the world for many centuries, is finally dead. Unfortunately, the army of dragons and ebony soldiers have already laid waste to the kingdom and the Great Forest, decimating the population of the kingdom and of the elves.

Read about Kathar's defeat here.

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Kathar's Defeat

Just before the dragon lord Kathar was about to reemerge to start a second Reptilian Dominance, she was defeated by a Gathering of Pathwalkers. She was healed by the mysterious Ebony King and later sent to capture the shield Dawn of Zegon.

The Gathering.

Even though the Gathering of Pathwalkers dealt Kathar a mortal blow, they were under no illusions that the threat is ended. Their guide Magi, in the guise of the old man Igma, explained that Kathar is going to take hundred of years to recuperate from her injuries. However, some of the Pathwalkers believed that they should be prepared should Kathar return ahead of schedule.

Harlek, High Commander of the Grand Army of Zegon, and his stepson Hulzek, High Commander of the Protectorate, developed tactics that the soldiers, Knights and Protectors can utilize to fight Kathar. Before they can include the training of these tactics into the regime, Harlek had to prepare the Grand Army for King Xath's expedition and Hulzek had to deal with the Barbarian Insurgence. After the expedition and the Insurgence ended respectively, they were finally able to implement tactics training though it baffled everyone else who were unable to comprehend and appreciate the specialized tactics. The tactics finally came into great use when the Grand Army aided the Silvil elves against Kathar.

Reyda, the First Warrior, remained behind in the mountains to hunt down and slay minions and thralls of Kathar. The Nameless traveled around the world searching for information on Kathar and attempting to find ways to end the threat once and for all.


The Nameless was a guest in the elvish Krlzu tribe on a different continent when news of Kathar's attack on the Silvil elves reached him. After biding his hosts farewell, he sailed the sea to the Great Forest of West Span to attempt to aid the Silvil against the dragon lord. His journey was long and Kathar was defeated before he arrived. He decided to seek out Reyda. When the Pathwalkers were gathered by Igma, he alone recognized Reyda's divinity. The Nameless had cultivated himself and attained enlightenment leading to immortality. He recognized something similar but not quite the same in Reyda. After long hours of meditation, he was able to attune his senses to the energies of the world and locate Reyda's divine signature. He found Reyda in the mountains and explained his desire to work with her to fight Kathar which she agreed. After the Nameless shared his knowledge of Reyda's divinity, she revealed that she was one of the champions who freed the Ancestors from Kathar's captivity and was turned into a god along with the other champions by Magi.

Kathar's Reign of Terror.

After capturing the Dawn of Zegon to deal the Kingdom of Zegon a blow in morale and strike fear in the people's hearts, she led her dragon broods and the Ebony King's hordes to attack the cities of the kingdom. The soldiers, Knights and Protectors fought hard battles against the marauding hordes but even their valiant efforts were unable to prevent widespread destruction and chaos. Andrya sent an order to mobilize the Magi Order to come to the aid of the Grand Army and their destructive magic decimated the ranks of the ebony horde. When it became obvious that more help was required, others came to volunteer. The fighting schools sent their students; the assassins from the Guild operated from the shadows; the Pariahs engaged in open warfare; the Priests used their healing gifts on the combatants; and even the marginalized Warriors emerged to satisfy their bloodlust for battle. Even with so many defenders, the kingdom always looked like it would be overrun in time. Kathar led some of her dragon broods and ebony soldiers into the Great Forest of West Span to spread the terror to Silvil elves.

Kathar's Defeat.

While the war was raging, Reyda and the Nameless tracked Kathar. The dead magic infused in her was a beacon calling out to the attuned senses of the Nameless. After a long trek, they arrived at Vaelunr, the capital of the Silvil where Kathar was laying siege. They drew Kathar to an isolated spot in the Great Forest and engaged her in a fierce battle. Reyda dealt Kathar slashing strikes with her magically-enhanced sword but the dragon lord was unharmed. Kathar indulged herself in the pointless battle as if Reyda was a plaything amusing her. However, unknown to her, the Nameless was preparing spells that were used by the army of gods in their defeat of Kathar centuries ago. Not trained as a spell caster, the Nameless had to take a long time to invoke the spells from ancient scrolls he took from his travels all over the world. Meanwhile, Kathar dealt Reyda blow after blow by with her fiery attacks. Just when Kathar was about to strike Reyda a mortal blow, the Nameless finished his incantations, casting all the spells he prepared. With magic that predates shamanistic understanding, these ancient spells broke past the shamanistic magic defences of the Dawn of Zegon Kathar carried with her. Spell after spell broke Kathar's connection to the dead magic infused with her. As Kathar suffered convulsions, Reyda took the opportunity to use her sword pierce through her heart. The Nameless prepared more spells to deliver the killing stroke. With the realization that she was about to die, she dropped the Dawn of Zegon and used her last ounce of dead magic to curse a section of the Great Forest around the shield. Both Reyda and the Nameless were caught in the blast of dead magic as it radiated outwards from Kathar and they were knocked out of the cursed area. Satisfied that Kathar was finally dead, they left the area to seek a place to recuperate from the battle. Once they were recovered, they would seek out the one who helped Kathar recuperate prematurely.

Update: The Return of Kathar

Kathar, the nemesis of the kingdom and even the world itself, is back with a vengeance. Enslaved but more powerful than before, she raided the kingdom during the Reyda Festival and took the Dawn of Zegon under the noses of many of the most powerful people in the kingdom.

Read about the return of Kathar here.

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The Return of Kathar

Kathar, the Dragon Lord, is the mastermind behind the Reptilian Dominance in the early days of the world of Zegon. She was mortally wounded by an army of gods gathered by the Keeper Magi but managed to escape. In 23 AFZ, after centuries of recuperation, she was poised to return to spearhead a second Dominance. However, just before she was finally ready, she was once again defeated by a gathering of Pathwalkers summoned by the disguised Magi.

Swift Recuperation and Enslavement.

Defeated and badly wounded, Kathar desperately sought out a quiet place to recuperate. In her search, she sensed a growing nexus of dead magic far to the north of the Kingdom of Zegon and deep within the mountains. She followed the dead magic to its core, a huge castle built with black stones and dark metals. Landing in the courtyard of the castle, she was welcomed by a being fully clad in a menacing ebony armor. The being introduced himself as the Ebony King and a devout of Kathar. With a tight grip of his fist, the dead magic in the nexus were drawn to him and he infused Kathar with the magic. Kathar's wounds healed at a frightening speed and her power grew even stronger than before. Kathar was ready and eager to return to the Kingdom of Zegon to revenge for her defeat at the hands of mere mortals but to her horror, she discovered that she is not in command of her own self, and that the Ebony King now has control over her.

The Ebony King had plans for Kathar and ordered her to stay by his side in his castle. Enslaved, Kathar had no other choice but to obey. As long as she harboured thoughts of hurting the Ebony King or leaving the castle, she will break into painful convulsions. After some time, she resigned herself to her fate. The Ebony King told her that he was gathering dead magic from around the world and will begin his conquer and spread his dark influence upon the world once he had attained sufficient power. Only then will Kathar be allowed to seek her revenge. Meanwhile, Kathar was ordered to breed with the Ebony King's pet dragon to produce a future army of dragons.

Attack on the Silvil.

In 52 AFZ, 29 years after her enslavement, Kathar was finally sent out into the world to fulfill the wishes of her master. She led the Ebony King's ebony armor-clad soldiers south past the mountains to attack the Silvil elves. The attack was so ferocious that Iriol, the leader of the Silvil, had to request for aid from the Kingdom of Zegon. The Grand Army of Zegon arrived to help the elves fend off the dark horde but the battle became a drawn out affair and casualties mounted on both sides. Kathar was a fearsome presence but the Silvil elves wielded tactics that are effective in fighting dragons. The knights and soldiers in the Grand Army were also able to overcome their initial fear of seeing a dragon up close and personal to deploy tactics for fighting flying opponents that were devised by their now-deceased High Commander Harlek, tactics which previously baffled the army when they were made to learn and practice them. The invaders were successfully routed and driven back to the mountains many months later.

Attack on the Kingdom.

In 53 AFZ, the Grand Army returned in time to partake in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the revamped Reyda Festival. Following the successful defense of the Royal Palace from Heldar's desperate attack and the Grand Army's successful aid in the Great Forest of West Span, the organizers of the Festival wanted a grand affair to celebrate the strength of the Kingdom and its triumph over adversity. King Xath II was satisfied with the organizers' intentions for the Festival and requested that High Commander Kriol of the Protectorate display the Dawn of Zegon during the Festival as a symbol of the Kingdom's strength.

During the Festival, as High Commander Kriol was about to place the Dawn of Zegon on a pedestal in the Grand Arena to symbolize the grand opening, Kathar appeared with her mate and their brood. The sudden appearance of such a large group of dragons sent the gathered arena champions into shock. As the dragons dived down to attack the champions, Kathar and her mate attacked Kriol. Kriol and his surrounding Protectors fought valiantly but were unable to prevent Kathar from grabbing the Dawn of Zegon. Having achieved her purpose, Kathar signaled for a retreat, and the dragons flew off, leaving behind a bloody scene of carnage and devastation.