Barbarian Warriors


Tales of Reyda's adventures spread throughout the tribes, and she attracted many followers who were attracted to her adventuring life and wants to join her and learn from her. Reyda tolerated her new company, using them as bait and fodder during her hunts. She also never taught her followers anything, and they have to learn through observing her during the hunts. Reyda's followers called her the First Warrior, as she is the first person ever known to hunt for pleasure and game instead of for survival. They named themselves Barbarian Warriors, a way to take pride in the life they chose.

37 years after having her first follower, Reyda abandoned her followers and disappeared. After a year of waiting for her return, her followers broke into two groups; one group believing that Reyda is still alive and went in search for her, and another group believing that she is dead. The former group was never seen or heard of ever since they left, while the latter tried to find a new leader to lead them. However, with too many vying for the position of the leader of the Barbarian Warriors, they could not agree with one another and in the end the Warriors returned to their own tribes where they form their own community. Even though the Warriors were amalgated back into their tribes, they were no longer loyal to the Chieftains and the Shamans but to their own Warrior leader.

These groups of Warriors brought their stories of adventures and glorious victories over vicious monsters back to the tribes, and displayed inhuman might and fearlessness during hunting expeditions and defenses against the frequent wolf threats. Many hot blooded youths were inspired by the Warriors to walk the Path. While most of the new aspiring youths will join the community in their tribe and follow one of the experienced Warriors, there are also some who chose to pursue their lust for blood and adventure on their own.

The Barbarian Warriors and the Insurgence.

In 4 BFZ, a Warrior named Redjya announced that she is the descendant of Reyda at the annual Reyda Festival. She demonstrated her superiority over the other Warriors by displaying trophies of wild animals that have long been driven out of the Plains.

In 2 AFZ, Redjya persuaded several Warrior communities to seek out greater game; the Grand Army of Zegon. This is the beginning of the Insurgence, a period of strife that lasted for more than 50 years. The Insurgence forced the Barbarian Warrior communities to take sides. Many communities and solo Warriors joined the insurgents, out of loyalty for their lineage or base desires. There are also Warriors and communities that have a good relationship with the kingdom, and remained neutral. None of them were willing to take up arms to go against their own brethren.

In 20 AFZ, during a coup, Redjya was killed by a young Warrior, Heldar. Heldar intensified the Barbarian Warriors' attacks.

In 52 AFZ, Heldar killed Hulzek, the High Commander of the Protectorate, during a bold attack on the Royal Palace. He was then killed by Andrya, the First Magi, in the same siege. The Barbarian Warriors were routed by the returning Grand Army and the remaining Defenders, signifying the end of the Insurgence.

The Barbarian Warriors, even those who remained neutral, are tightly monitored by the Protectorate after the Insurgence. The only time the Warriors are allowed to be in combat is when they participate in arena fights, during the annual Reyda Festival, and on officially sanctioned expeditions into the wilds.

The Barbarian Warriors and the Path of the Warrior.

After Reyda disappeared, there is a dire need for hierarchy among the Barbarian Warriors. A hierarchy system was thus devised. Barbarian Warriors are ranked based on their reputation among fellow Warriors. To gain reputation, a Warrior must be able to garner followers by performing extraordinary feats that can put other Warriors to shame, compete in arenas and during the Festival, and earning trophies during expeditions. A title is given to each rank. They are, from the lowest rank to the highest, Barbarian, Ravager, Reaver, and Reaper.

When a person gives in to her blood-lust and ego, and began to have a desire for combat and fame, she is well on her way to take her first step on the Path of the Warrior. To be initiated and become a Barbarian, she must display her blood-lust openly in combat. Her revelry must be witnessed by at least one Warrior. If she is unconscious of her own behavior the witness must explain to her what she has experienced. If she is willing to become a Barbarian, she will be guided through a simple ritual of initiation by the witness. After the initiation, she can choose to join a Barbarian Warrior community, or continue as a solo Barbarian.