Magi Order


The Magi Order was founded by Andrya, the first human Mage, when she created the Laws of the Magi Order, codes of conducts that govern all masters and apprentices within the Order. The Kingdom of Zegon finally learned of the Magi Order when Andrya and her students began their travels in search of other Affined.

Those who possess the affinity with magic within them are known as Affined, and those who are able to use their affinity to manipulate magic are known as Mages. These terms were first used by Andrya to explain magic to her students, and was used by her students during their travels, and then by their apprentices. The terms became widely known and commonly used.

Ever since Andrya discovered others like herself, she decided to dedicate her life to search for people with the affinity to magic and teach them how to use this power. During the years while Andrya was still teaching her students, she became worried that her students and their future apprentices will use magic wantonly. She began writing the Laws of the Magi Order and taught her student the Laws. Before she send her students back into the world she made her students swear an oath to bind them to the Laws. Andrya also warned her students to make sure their apprentices learn the Laws and swear the oath. If any of their apprentices have broken the Laws, the law-breaker must be found and punishment must be dealt swiftly and with no remorse.

Structure of the Order.

There is no rigid structure, nor leaders or bodies of authority to govern the Mages of the Order beyond the Laws that bind them. The only structure that exists within the Order is that of the relationship between the Master and the Apprentice, made compulsory by the Laws.

A Mage is allowed to be a Master only when she became an Elemental. Each Mage is allowed to have only one apprentice at any point of time. There is no age limit for becoming an apprentice. It is common for Masters to seek out apprentices whose affinity with the elements is the same as their own. In the event that the Master discover that her apprentice's affinity is different as hers, she must end the apprenticeship and find a new Master for the apprentice. The terms to begin and end an apprenticeship is solely the decision between the Master and her apprentice.

The Order and the Kingdom of Zegon.

The Order was once deemed a secret society by the kingdom and was tolerated at best. Mages who enter towns and cities will be severely punished if they are caught.

In 52 AFZ, Andrya and her Mages assisted the Grand Army of Zegon in quelling the Insurgence. During the siege on the Royal Palace, Andrya killed Heldar, the leader of the Barbarian Warriors. Henceforth, the Order is officially recognized as an ally and they were given free passage in the kingdom.

Mages mostly spend a large part of their lives on mastering magic and refining their affinity. However, Mages are known to help small villages repel wolf packs and assist the kingdom in suppresing strife and conflicts.

The Order and the Path of the Magi.

During Andrya's pilgrimage, she learned of the Gods behind the Magic of Zegon and her affinity with it, and discovered the 4 Realms of Affinity. She gave each Realm a name, and a corresponding title for Mages whose strength of affinity belongs to that Realm. The first Realm is the Realm of Magic, corresponding to the Realm is the title of Magician. The second Realm is the Realm of Refinery, corresponding to the Realm is the title of Elemancer. The third Realm is the Realm of Mastery, corresponding to the Realm is the title of Elemental. The fourth and last Realm is the Realm of Purity, corresponding to the Realm is the title of Arch-Element. The titles corresponding to the second, third, fourth Realms are further divided in honor of the 4 Keepers of the Elemental Magic, for example, Pyromancer, Pyromental, and Arch-Pyro.

Over the years the magic affinity began to actively manifest itself within the Affined, as it did for Andrya, instead of lying dormant. This event, which Andrya called the start of the Age of Magic, gave birth to the rise of self-taught Mages, and led to the founding of other Mage organizations. These Mages, influenced by Andrya and her Order, adopted the Laws of the Magi Order and the knowledge of the Realms and their titles.

For an Affined to become a Mage, she must be able to tap into her affinity and create a connection with the magic in the environment. Using the connection, she must manipulate the magic and manifest it in the physical world in a visible form. The Primordial Magic is almost always the first type of magic that a Mage will be connected to, regardless of their affinity towards whichever element, due to its nature and its abundance in Zegon. However there are new Mages who were able to manifest the Elemental Magic without any training, these Mages are the rare talents whereby they begin their Path in the second Realm.

For a Mage to step into the Realm of Magic, and hence be known as a Magician, she must be able to manipulate and manifest the Primordial Magic proficiently and with ease.