Grand Army of Zegon


In 3 BFZ, Xath's undertaking of peacefully uniting the tribes of Zegon came to a standstill. Harlek, the champion of the tribe of Grey Wolf, knew that it is the right time to reveal the secret army he had been training since the start of Xath's campaign. The army, once a regiment formed by the hunters of Grey Wolf, expanded into a sizable force of 4 regiments, each representing a tribe and led by the champions of that tribe.

During the Unification War, Harlek led his army to a resounding victory, crushing the weak resistance of the other tribes easily.

After the founding of Xath's Kingdom of Zegon, Harlek's army is officiated as the Grand Army of Zegon, and many fighters were promoted based on their performance in the Unification War. Harlek is appointed as the High Commander of the Army.

Role of the Grand Army.

The Army is the king's hands to put his plans into action. Besides their basic duty of being the sword of the kingdom, the soldiers of the Army is a multi-disciplinary force that is proficient in the construction of civil and military structures like roads, bridges, buildings and forts. They must also aid the citizens in relocating into new cities, towns, and villages.

The Army is also responsible for defending the kingdom's borders from external threat and assisting the Protectorate in quelling internal strife.

Structure of the Grand Army.

The Grand Army is under the command of the High Commander. The High Commander must be an Anointed who has been given the title of Grand Knight. The Grand Army have two different branches; the Standard Army, consisting of the Infantry and the Cavalry, and the Elite Army, consisting of the Hall of Anointed and the Protectorate.

Promising Knights and Defenders will be appointed as Commanders of the Standard Army, while soldiers who served with excellent performance will be appointed as Sergeants of the Standard Army.

Infantry Structure and Appointment.

The infantry unit is under the command of a General, assisted by a Sergeant General.

The infantry unit consists of 5 regiments. The 5 regiments are garrisoned in different parts of the kingdom. Each Regiment is under the command of a Regiment Commander and assisted by a Sergeant Major.

A Regiment consists of 3 battalions. Each Battalion is under the command of a Battalion Commander, assisted by a Master Sergeant.

A Battalion consists of 3 companies. Each Company is under the command of a Company Commander, assisted by a Sergeant.

A Company may consists of up to a 100 men, depending on the nature and purpose of the Company.

Knights and Defenders are appointed as commanders for Companies, while First Knights and Guardians are appointed as commanders for Battalions and Regiments. The appointment of General of the Infantry may go to either a First Knight/Guardian or a Grand Knight/Sentinel.

Sergeants are promoted from soldiers who display leadership qualities and perform well. Promotion is based on performance, recommendations, and open postings. Promotions will always be within a regiment unless expressly requested.

Recruits will first be sent to a Training Company, where they will be taught everything they need to know. Once they are combat ready, they will be sent to a regiment of their choice, where they will stay in reserve in a Reserve Company, and continue training until they are required to fill up the ranks of any company.