The Return of Kathar

Kathar, the Dragon Lord, is the mastermind behind the Reptilian Dominance in the early days of the world of Zegon. She was mortally wounded by an army of gods gathered by the Keeper Magi but managed to escape. In 23 AFZ, after centuries of recuperation, she was poised to return to spearhead a second Dominance. However, just before she was finally ready, she was once again defeated by a gathering of Pathwalkers summoned by the disguised Magi.

Swift Recuperation and Enslavement.

Defeated and badly wounded, Kathar desperately sought out a quiet place to recuperate. In her search, she sensed a growing nexus of dead magic far to the north of the Kingdom of Zegon and deep within the mountains. She followed the dead magic to its core, a huge castle built with black stones and dark metals. Landing in the courtyard of the castle, she was welcomed by a being fully clad in a menacing ebony armor. The being introduced himself as the Ebony King and a devout of Kathar. With a tight grip of his fist, the dead magic in the nexus were drawn to him and he infused Kathar with the magic. Kathar's wounds healed at a frightening speed and her power grew even stronger than before. Kathar was ready and eager to return to the Kingdom of Zegon to revenge for her defeat at the hands of mere mortals but to her horror, she discovered that she is not in command of her own self, and that the Ebony King now has control over her.

The Ebony King had plans for Kathar and ordered her to stay by his side in his castle. Enslaved, Kathar had no other choice but to obey. As long as she harboured thoughts of hurting the Ebony King or leaving the castle, she will break into painful convulsions. After some time, she resigned herself to her fate. The Ebony King told her that he was gathering dead magic from around the world and will begin his conquer and spread his dark influence upon the world once he had attained sufficient power. Only then will Kathar be allowed to seek her revenge. Meanwhile, Kathar was ordered to breed with the Ebony King's pet dragon to produce a future army of dragons.

Attack on the Silvil.

In 52 AFZ, 29 years after her enslavement, Kathar was finally sent out into the world to fulfill the wishes of her master. She led the Ebony King's ebony armor-clad soldiers south past the mountains to attack the Silvil elves. The attack was so ferocious that Iriol, the leader of the Silvil, had to request for aid from the Kingdom of Zegon. The Grand Army of Zegon arrived to help the elves fend off the dark horde but the battle became a drawn out affair and casualties mounted on both sides. Kathar was a fearsome presence but the Silvil elves wielded tactics that are effective in fighting dragons. The knights and soldiers in the Grand Army were also able to overcome their initial fear of seeing a dragon up close and personal to deploy tactics for fighting flying opponents that were devised by their now-deceased High Commander Harlek, tactics which previously baffled the army when they were made to learn and practice them. The invaders were successfully routed and driven back to the mountains many months later.

Attack on the Kingdom.

In 53 AFZ, the Grand Army returned in time to partake in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the revamped Reyda Festival. Following the successful defense of the Royal Palace from Heldar's desperate attack and the Grand Army's successful aid in the Great Forest of West Span, the organizers of the Festival wanted a grand affair to celebrate the strength of the Kingdom and its triumph over adversity. King Xath II was satisfied with the organizers' intentions for the Festival and requested that High Commander Kriol of the Protectorate display the Dawn of Zegon during the Festival as a symbol of the Kingdom's strength.

During the Festival, as High Commander Kriol was about to place the Dawn of Zegon on a pedestal in the Grand Arena to symbolize the grand opening, Kathar appeared with her mate and their brood. The sudden appearance of such a large group of dragons sent the gathered arena champions into shock. As the dragons dived down to attack the champions, Kathar and her mate attacked Kriol. Kriol and his surrounding Protectors fought valiantly but were unable to prevent Kathar from grabbing the Dawn of Zegon. Having achieved her purpose, Kathar signaled for a retreat, and the dragons flew off, leaving behind a bloody scene of carnage and devastation.