Heldar's Last-ditch Effort

The Barbarian Insurgence started in 2 AFZ at the instigation of Redyja and ended in 26 AFZ with her successor's, Heldar, defeat.

Heldar's Shame.

For many years after his defeat, Heldar attempted to rally the Barbarian Warrior communities back to his cause. However, he was ignored by Warriors weary of fighting against the kingdom. Heldar had a bounty on his head placed by the authorities. Unknown to him, the Guild had a guild war within their own ranks in the years after his defeat. This prevented King Xath from deploying Guild resources to find Heldar. When the Guild War ended, Heldar was no longer a priority in the reformed Guild. Thus, Heldar was never captured. Heldar spent his days in the wilds, seeking to regain his reputation by going on difficult hunts. However, he was unable to attend the Reyda Festival due to the bounty on his head.

Heldar's Opportunity.

In 44 AFZ, shortly after Xath II ascended to become king, he decided to hire Warriors as mercenaries to help the kingdom defend and protect the new settlements from wild animals in the Great Forest. With this move, King Xath II was able to keep the Warriors out of trouble while allowing the Protectors in the new settlements to focus their attention on other responsibilities. The Warrior mercenaries saw the offer as an opportunity to be recognized as a legitimate group by the kingdom and avoid the discrimination they had been facing from the Protectors since 26 AFZ. Besides, they are getting paid to do something they were born to do.

In spite of the advantages of the offer, many of the the younger Warriors felt that to accept the king's offer is to sell themselves to the kingdom and to betray their pride. These group of Warriors became disenchanted as more Warriors accepted the king's offer. This presented an excellent opportunity for Heldar to recruit Warriors to his cause. The younger Warriors were new to the Path of the Warrior and did not take part in the Barbarian Insurgence. They did not have the weariness that the older Warriors had towards fighting against the kingdom. When Heldar began rallying them to his cause, they were eager to jump on board.

Heldar's Siege.

In 52 AFZ, Heldar's opportunity to conquer the kingdom finally arrived when the Grand Army was mobilized to aid the Silvil elves defend against a large horde of invaders that suddenly came down from the mountains in the north. Heldar decided to be bold with his plan. His Warriors entered the capital city of Zeg separately as normal civilians. Once Heldar managed to sneak into the city, the Warriors regrouped and launched an attack on the Royal Palace.

High Commander Hulzek of the Protectorate led the Royal Guard to fight the Warriors. The Royal Guard consisted of 200 men at that time and were outnumbered by Heldar's 500 Warriors. No one in King Xath II's court foresaw a direct attack on the Royal Palace and the defending forces were taken by surprise. Reinforcements can only arrive in a few days and the Royal Guard had to fight a long delaying battle. The Royal Guard was able to recover from the surprise attack and drive the Warriors out of the Palace walls using the tactics they have rehearsed countless times.

For days, Heldar's Warriors laid siege outside the Palace walls, cutting off the supply route and searching for ways to break through the Royal Guard's defense. Reinforcements from Protectorate camps nearby arrived but there were not enough men to break the siege. More time was needed for more reinforcements to arrive to form a large enough strike force needed to fight the Warriors.

Unable to sustain the defense without crucial supplies from the rest of the capital city, Hulzek sent smoke signals to mobilize the reinforcements currently camping outside the capital city. He then led a group of Royal Guard out of the Palace walls to execute a pincer movement in an attempt to break the siege. During the fight, Hulzek sought out Heldar and they fought. The older Hulzek, aged 71, was unable to cope with Heldar's savage attacks and after a protracted battle, he was stabbed through the heart.

Just when it seemed that the counterattack on the Warriors was going to fail, a group of Mages led by their founder and leader Andrya arrived. They aided the Protectors in fighting against the Warriors. In the battle, Heldar was killed by Andrya's firebolt. The remaining Warriors were unable to deal with the spell-slinging Mages and there were swiftly decimated.

Note for Historians.

While the Barbarian Insurgence continued from 2 AFZ to 26 AFZ before it restarted briefly in 52 AFZ, many historians tend to refer to the period between 2 AFZ to 52 AFZ as the Barbarian Insurgency period.