Guild of Assassins


During the Unification War, Xath learned from experience and foresaw the threats that may hinder the progress of the kingdom. He understood the need of darker methods and the existence of a necessary evil. Under the instructions of Xath, Morok, Xath's personal assassin, adopted a group of children orphaned by the war and trained them in his shadowy trade. Shortly after the founding of the kingdom in 1 AFZ, the Guild of Assassins was established.

Business of the Guild.

The Guild began as Xath's secret service. The Guild serve as the kingdom's eyes and ears among the citizens, while excuting espionage and assassination missions for the king.

Despite the importance of the Guild to the king and the Army, few knew of the Guild's true purpose, including the lower level members within the Guild. Worried of the consequences if his people learned of this clandestine organization, Xath had Morok establish the Guild under the cover of a cartel that smuggles weapons and wartime artifacts. This secret will be passed from king to king, and each king can decide who they want to entrust this secret to.

Within a year the Guild expanded their operations into espionage, assassination, sabotage, and mercenary-for-hire to further deepen their cover. Envious of the Guild's success, many ambitious individuals followed in the Guild's footsteps and established their own cartels. The Guild monitors these cartels and keep the balance of the underworld in check.

Unlike other cartels, the Guild is an elusive organization that only accept assignments from the rich and the powerful. The fee to hire the Guild is the highest among the cartels. A substantial deposit must be paid upfront before the Guild will accept any assignments. The balance of the fee will be paid upon proving the completion of an assignment. If an assignment cannot be completed, the Guild will not receive the balance, but the deposit will also not be returned.

Structure of the Guild.

The Guild of Assassins is controlled by the Guild Master and assisted by two Master Handlers. The Master Handlers are responsible for communicating and negotiating with clients. The Guild Master must always be a Phantom, and the Master Handlers can be either Ghosts or Phantoms. Only the Guild Master and the Master Handlers know of the real purpose of the Guild.

Below the Master Handlers, there are a group of Handlers that are in charge of the businesses used to front their actual operations. Handlers are responsible for receiving new assignments for their area and sending proof of completed assignments to the Master Handlers. They are also required to provide support and advice to anyone who receive assignments from them. Handlers can be either Ghosts or Phantoms.

The lowest level members of the Guild are the Operatives. Operatives can choose to receive assignments from any Handlers in the kingdom. There is a strict protocol to which an Operative can receive assignments. Anyone within the Guild can be an Operative. It is not uncommon that the Handlers, Master Handlers and even the Guild Master to personally take on an assignment, especially assignments from the king himself.

Unlike other cartels that are willing to accept vagrants and criminals into their organization, the Guild only recruit orphans, street urchins, child beggars. These children are brought in and trained personally by the Handlers.

The Guild and the Path of the Silent.

Morok, the first to walk the Silent Path, devised a simple system to determine the level that his Operatives are at. He created 4 positions within the Guild; Stalker, Ghost, Phantom, and Revenant. This system became popular among other cartels and secret societies, and the titles that were once the Guild's internal appointment became commonly used among all who follows the Path.

To become a Stalker, a person must first be accepted into a cartel or a secret society. Different organizations have different entrance requirement and benchmark. Renegades or individuals who does not belong to an organization will not be recognized as a Pathwalker, and they will be hunted by the Guild and killed if caught. This is one of several methods that the Guild employs to keep dangerous individuals under leash.