Zegon Monastery


Fryna, the first person born with the ability to manifest astonishing magic to heal and mend, established the Monastery along with his 15 disciples, orphans of shamans murdered during the Unification War.

Fryna believes that their magic is a divine gift from Sol, the god who is in charge of and shares the same name as the ball of light that circles Zegon, since their magic's radiance shares the same golden color as Sol. Priests of the Monastery devote their time to meditate and pray to Sol to seek guidance in developing their magic potential. They are also responsible for spreading their belief to the citizens of Zegon.

Fryna taught his disciples in using their divine gift during their travels to search for more individuals who are also blessed with the divine gift. When Fryna's original disciples became capable of teaching others, he set up a place to worship Sol and for his followers to stay and complete their training.

Because of their unique and useful magic, the Monastery and its priests are welcomed in every part of the kingdom.

Structure of the Monastery.

The Zegon Monastery has an elaborate hierarchy that shares similarities with the Hall of Anointed and the Protectorate. An Abbot sits at the top of the hierarchy, all matters of the Monastery is decided by him. An Abbot must be either a Hand of Sol or a Grand Priest.

Assisting the Abbot is the Elder Council. The Elder Council is formed by 4 Pillars that are in charge of different operations in the Monastery. The 4 Pillars are; Pillar of Initiation, Pillar of Discipline, Pillar of Faith, and Pillar of Research. Pillars of the Elder Council must be a Grand Priest. Priests and High Priests are assigned to serve under the Pillars.

The Pillar of Initiation and his servants are in charge of finding individuals who are blessed with the divine gift, the initiation ritual of new acolytes, and guidance for acolytes who have yet to receive the divine gift to receive the blessings of Sol.

The Pillar of Discipline and his servants are is in charge of teaching new acolytes and Priests, assigning new Priests and High Priests to serve under the Pillars, and evaluating the relevance of Disciplines each year and making changes to the disciplines.

The Pillar of Faith and his servants are in charge of all matters concerning the worship of Sol. They organize the rituals, prayers, and meditation for worshiping Sol and enforcing the doctrines and protocols for the worships. They also pray and meditate regularly for divine instructions and guidance from Sol.

The Pillar of Research and his servants work closely with the Abbot to create new healing spells. Their research is based on the instructions and guidance from Sol. They also work with the Pillar of Discipline to devise new disciplines and improving existing disciplines.

The Monastery and the Path of the Divine.

The priests in the Monastery are ranked in the hierarchy based on their years of experience. The rank titles of the Monastery are; Priest, High Priest, Grand Priest, and Hand of Sol.

Potential acolytes are brought to the Monastery and gathered in the main hall of worship where the initiation ritual will be held. The initiation ritual's main purpose is to assess each potential acolyte and determine if they are blessed with the divine gift of Sol. After the ritual, new acolytes will be divided into two groups. The group of acolytes that already received Sol's divine gift will proceed with learning how to use their divine gift through various disciplines of increasing difficulty. It will take an acolyte 5 years to complete every discipline. The group of acolytes who have not receive Sol's divine gift will be guided through prayers and meditation until they receive the blessings of Sol. Acolytes who have finally receive the divine gift will proceed on to learning and completing disciplines.

Acolytes who completed their learning will become a Priest. They will be assigned to one of the Pillars within the Monastery or sent out to serve Zegon and its citizens.