The Gathering

In 23 AFZ, there was a secret gathering of Pathwalkers for received an urgent summon for aid. They were Harlek, High Commander of the Grand Army of Zegon; Hulzek, High Commander of the Protectorate; Fryna, Abbot of the Zegon Monastery; Andrya, founder of the Magi Order; Morok, the Guild Master of the Guild of Assassins; Daryk, leader of the Wolves; and Barc, founder of the School of Jian-Fa. The Pathwalkers met one another in the mountains to the north of the kingdom and Igma, the person who summoned them. Igma warned the Pathwalkers of an imminent threat the kingdom will soon face. The malevolent Dragon Lord, the Ancient Kathar, is beginning to cast her eyes on the kingdom.

Previously, when Kathar attempted to enslave Zegon, she was defeated by an army of the gods. She managed to escape, and has been recuperating for almost a millennium and waiting for the right time to rise and enslave Zegon once more. Igma believed that the ones he called for aid are the greatest champions in the kingdom. The responsibility of defeating Kathar and saving the kingdom now falls upon these Pathwalkers. They traveled deeper into the mountains to the lair of Kathar, where they will face Kathar and destroy her.

On their journey, they battled creatures never seen before in the kingdom. When they finally made it to the entrance of the lair, they met Reyda, the First Warrior. She is the champion of Igma, left alone in the mountains to slay Kathar's thralls and minions while maintaining vigil on the Dragon Lord. Hundreds of years ago, Reyda disappeared and left her Barbarian Warriors in disarray. Truth is, Reyda stumbled upon the machinations of Kathar during one of her travels and met Igma. Reyda became the first of the champions recruited by Igma in his fight against Kathar. Together, the 8 champions confronted Kathar. After a long and intense battle, they succeeded in mortally wounding Kathar but were unable to stop her from escaping.

Igma congratulated the champions for their victory and expressed his gratitude for their aid in defeating Kathar. He told the Pathwalkers that even though Kathar escaped, she will have to spend hundreds of years to recuperate from her new injuries and that the kingdom will be spared for a very long time. He led them through the mountains and back to the kingdom. As he watched them leave, he told Reyda that when the time comes and Kathar is well again, he will again summon new champions to help her defeat Kathar. When Reyda asked him why he could not fight Kathar himself with his immense powers, he said:

"I am Magi. I am bound by the laws set by the Goddess and am not permitted to interfere directly with the affairs of mortals. I can only guide their growth."